Religious Experiences

After spending easter with a really religious family, the type that attend church weekly it made me think back to when I was a child, after I turned 7 years old my family stopped going to church, we still said prayers at mealtimes and before bed, but something had changed. My grandmother was really sick and after my mum had been up to look after, when she came home she stopped attending church services with my dad and I, it was only a few months before my dad stopped going to. It is only in the last few years I found out why my parents stopped going to church. My Grandmother went to church her whole life and was a very christian minded woman, while her family as a child was poor they got buy, managed barely but still got by, it wasnt until my mother was a child did times get tuffer if that was possible. My grandmother and my grandfather were working 3 jobs each after being involved in ww2 and still couldn’t afford to feed their 3 daughters and themselves. But still my grandmother went to church, giving money into the collection plate as she had always done since being a child. But when my mum found out that the church still asked for money when her parents couldn’t afford food for themselves  and when my grandmother who had always attended church and always donated what she would afford was turned away  when she asked for help, that’s when shit hit the fan. My mother and Father were both raised in Anglican (COE) homes had two very different experiences with the church. My dads family on the other hand was middle class, but my dads mum didn’t have to work and there was always food for the family of seven. Their experience with the church was a much more positive and is perhaps why my dads family still hold such a faith. But after an  minister did wrong by both my parents families in the end their faith in the church was shaken, I guess that’s why my faith lies in a god, same as my parents rather than in the idea where you have to be seen to worship your god. What happened to worshiping your own god in your ow space and not shoving it down other peoples throats? All religions could get along if we had tolerance and stopped trying to parade around our religion, as if it makes us better than other.

That’s what I really hate. When people who go to church somehow think they are better than everyone else, I see this happen in a lot of religions, not just Christianity (although it is the main culprit). You don’t need to attend a public place to praise who ever it is you believe in.


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