A Decent Cup Of Tea

Ahh My Cup of Tea just hit the spot, it is so nice to come home from 10 hours at work , kick off your shoes, drop your bag in the hallway and wander to the kitchen to make a cuppa before sinking down in bed with a good book… only thing I forgot was that I now have a kitten whom I left with my mum all day.  After progressing only one page in my book I could hear her quiet meow… I will admit I was very embarrassed I forgot about her, she was looking up at me with her little eye balls as if to say.

 Mummy you forgot me, NOW I”LL GET MY REVENGE


Yeah lets say I was right…  I am currently sporting a bite mark on my hand, in my head it is sort of a warning of “dont leave me alone again or I’ll…

I dont actually know what she could do since she is so little but she is such a gentle kitten, I dont want to even imagine. Especially after hearing a story about a lady with a similar breed of cat who would claw her legs to death when ever she walked down the corridor.


But back to the tea, I have recently been drinking increasingly alot of ginger tea with tumeric in it. Oh My Gosh it is so good! I drink it at work, at university, at home, on the bus. everywhere.

but today I needed a break from what I felt was acidity ? not sure if that is even possible, and so I returned to old faithful. russian carravan.

Really strong, and Really milky. Just how I like it. and apparently so does Pumpkin the Kitten.  So I spent about five minutes keeping her from putting her face in it. but finally


I got to enjoy it…

and it was cold.



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