Procrastination – How To Guide

Procrastination – How To Guide 

There is no exact method to procrastinate. It looks like if you are reading this you are successful at being a procrastinator.

Blogging is my favorite way to procrastinate studying for a exam I have on the human body… yay medical degree. But I find when I actually want to blog and share my experiences the life from my writing vanishes and I am left with this sinking feeling, a bit like knowing you have two days before a final exam or before an assignment is due. This may seem like not alot of time but if you are well versed in procrastination you get used to doing things quickly that are important.


I did 3 assignments on the same day and revived all distinctions. Yeah I am impressive, if not a bit up-myself about it. 

But My List Of Things I Go Through on my way to getting down to business are:

  • Strategy Games 
  • Google-ing words (This is my least favorite but for some reason it keeps me entertained for about 3 hours before I ask myself what I am doing with my life :S )
  • Cooking (usually baking a cake or a batch of cookies that dont turn out well because I ignore the recipe)
  • Stumble Upon and Facebook keep me going for a while before I get bored
  • De-Cluttering – If I am at home I am always trying to put off studying with trying to get rid of things, you can never have to little – well you can, but lets say for the record I am talking about a middle class person. I have managed to waste many a day on this obsession of cutting down on my goods. (Read here about my decluttering on clothing)
  • Watching tv I think should make the list but to be honest there is really not much use for it, it isnt helpful to society or to your brain at all.

Useful Procrastination:

  • De-Cluttering
  • Cleaning
  • Researching something that takes your interest
  • Playing with a pet
  • Learning a new language… because you can
  • Looking through old pictures
  • Setting out a list of things you want, and then a list of ways to get there (It is always nice to have direction in life unless you want to be a free spirit which can also be fun)
  • Take a walk in a garden or a forest
  • Take off your shoes and clean them
  • Take a bath

You get the drift, comment some of your ideas 🙂



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