Faking Happiness

We have all done it at least one, and if you haven’t then you my-friend are either a lucky lucky or extremely sad.

My mother always said

Fake it until you make it

To me these words mean a lot to me, having had depression.. still having, i am not sure how to phrase it, one of the best ways to combat it I have found is just act happy.
Well I found it make those who worry about me constantly rest a little easier. And inst that what you want? I think faking happiness is not only beneficial to those around you in the sense that you negative vibes aren’t affecting them and that after a while, as a temporary fix for a while you may believe it.. that is until you come crashing back to reality. But still I found it worked on me for a while and during that time I almost was how I used to be… this is of course by taking my medication and not drinking alcohol… also I think the excessive amount of bananas I ate during that time helped keep me up on a level of actually being happy I think.

I have wrote a few other posts about Mental Health. Feel free to check them out.

The Effects of Hugs

Deep Core Of Worry

But Faking Happiness can help save peoples feelings, it doesn’t have to all be about making others feel good or trying to convince yourself you are happy. Faking happiness can be used to save face.



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