Chocolate or Vanilla ?

  Chocolate Or Vanilla

In Hot Milk: Chocolate

In a Milkshake: Vanilla

Icecream: Chocolate

On a Hot Pie: Vanilla


It is funny how it can be so different for each preference.  I grew up with Milo in milk so you can understand why I tend to go for chocolate, but I will admit I like to drink my milk straight or with weak chocolate, I find the taste overpowering. But milkshakes? Oh Boy I only recently changed over to vanilla milkshakes and let me tell you it made a difference. I love them… I think it may be because I find it easier to drink.


But undoubtedly ice cream has to be chocolate, I think I may even be shunned if it wasn’t my favorite. But with a Hot apple Pie or a Crumble it has to be Vanilla  🙂

I think I have started to choose Vanilla more often because I do it at home, I know what is in the vanilla milkshake, milk and vanilla from a bean.

Health will always come first, but while I know processed chocolate is still bad for you, it may take a while for it to sink in… like another 40 years.



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