Outfit of the Day number 10

Today it is bucketing down rain and I am after some new shoes. Probably Ecco Boots, my sandals that I have owned for the lady 5 years by Ecco finally broke and now I need some new shoes. So I’m off to the shops today. To deal with the rain I decided to wear my grey skirt and a top David bought me at a Dropkick Murphy’s concert.


Let me tell you all about the Dropkick Murphys concert. The Swinging Udders were the first big band after a local band opened. The swinging udders had a great sound although I was concerned about the state of their lead singer who was more than just jumping around on stage, it was more like a fit. But still great music. Hard core with a hint of folk behind it.
Then my favorite FRANK TURNER ERMAHGERD he was so great! I loved every minute of it!
Somehow I managed to be at the front of the barrier the whole night. No one between me and the band… Except for security – which let me tell you had their hands full that night. So many crowd surfers. I think the first time I ducked as a surfer was pulled from the crowed and sent packing by the security. After the first time I was one of the many hands preventing these fun loving crowd surfers from being pulled off an sent to the back. It was the maybe 5th concert I’ve been to.
Michael Buble when I was a kid with my Parents was my official first. But really I like to think:
Disturbed was my first.
A Day To Remember was my second ( slightly embarrassed that I use to like them)
Frank Turner was my third.
And the Dropkick Murphy’s as my fourth.

This was probably the best atmosphere I’ve ever felt!
While Woodford was the best atmosphere of festivals, the Dropkicks was the best atmosphere of a concert. I had the best time ever. There was no hipsters, no attentionwho



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