Carrying Cash With You

OK so I am one of those people who sometimes requires assistance to function. It is not that I am handicapped… I just, well to put it easily I would loose my head if it wasn’t screwed on right.
I have had many occasions where I have withdrawn a hefty sum of cash from the hole in the wall and managed to loose it.

I have lost my wallet several times since I apparently became a responsible 18. Since 2o12 I surprisingly lost my wallet a lot on Buses after a night out, but since I have stopped drinking I am proud to say buses are no longer the fiend, it is more usually coffee shops where I go to pay and leave my wallet sitting there. I have never had my wallet returned to me so clearly I am not doing something right in Karmas eyes but I guess on the plus side I always got new Id pictures for my licence… I just am still way to lazy to get back my RSA and RGC identification. Anyway, when getting cash out I am also the girl who constantly leaves the money in the machine.

But Karma smiled on me, or God, or Someone up there, because I have managed to always be given it back.
Some stranger will chase me down the street waving a $20 vigorously at me until I realized it in fact belongs to me.

There has been many occasions where I am forced to withdraw money since I have no idea how to internet bank to pay off things, I just really hate having to roam the streets with a heft sum of money in my hot little hand. Im not going to lie I often think people know I have it and that makes me act more suspiciously.  I have to get out the money for the kitten I just got but currently I am tossing up writing a check so that it is more safe for me to walk around with. Especially since I will be going to the city tonight for a friends 19th birthday (yes I know she is young) anyway another problem with carrying cash is that you spend it. there are a lot of shops that have a minimum for cards and will only take cash. To be honest I am not sure which I prefer, I have been caught out by not carrying cash at a place where they don’t accept card, but on the other side it is so hard to keep track of how much you are spending with a card, at least with cash you can see it…. but that is a problem, it is readily available… you can see it. therefor you use it. Has that ever happened to you where you get out your monthly allowance that you have taken from your pay and somehow by the time you get home that afternoon after visiting the ATM you realize you spent it??

I was thinking that if I put it in envelops marked with the week that the cash is allotted to that it would work better, but sometimes we need to buy something that week that we normally wouldn’t, like shampoo or hair dye… or for arguments sake a cat. That isn’t in the budget at all.

Life is spontaneous and while I want to save for:

Pay Off My University Debt As I Go

 Skiing in New Zealand

A Property To Call My Own

A Car

There are just things in life that pop up and stop you… like a cat… or a concert or an event you forgot to budget for.

But at the moment I’m not budgeting, I am living pay check to paycheck taking out half of what I earn a week and carrying it for emergencies… a coffee apparently does not qualify in many peoples books as an emergency.


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