Adopting a Cat

Today while I was waiting for my mum in the bank, I found myself draw to a small pet shop, behind all the fish tanks was a kitten as small as anything, it wasn’t the cutest of the litter, but something drew me to it. I’m not a cat person. I’m a dog person… But I love animals. We ended up taking it home for the night but since she has been home she has had diarrhea :S so we had to call the vet. My poor baby is 10 weeks old and the smallest and most timid ball of fluff.


Finally she fell asleep next to me an for some reason at 3 am i felt a paw on my hand. She is up and full of energy, wanting to play and be stroked. She is so changed, defiantly a keeper. I wonder how I will go with juggling a social life, a kitten, a degree and work… something has to give and lets home it isnt sleep.


After taking her to the vet we have found out she is a sick little thing. With a temperature and a virus but to make everything worse she hast put on any weight for the past 3 weeks. She is 10 weeks old and she weighs the same as she did before at 7 weeks when they got her. Apparently these are all warning flags for future problems.
The vet suggests we save ourselves the hard work and give her back because the long run is going to be difficult.

You can’t stop love easily but financial stability is the only thing that is close to stopping me. I want to be able to provide the best care for her that I can but with treatment for her on going problems costing a bomb who knows.



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