Outfit Of The Day 9

Hey guys! So tomorrow I am off to Dubbo for the long weekend to spend it with le boyfriends family…. Who I have only met once for a Hi-Bye moment. But anyway I am leaving today after work so today’s outfit was tricky, after all I don’t have many clothes to work with.
For today at work I am starting with the shoes. After really understanding how bad high heeled shoes can be (believe me, after talking to my Anatomy and Physiology teacher about high heels I have decided to ditch all my shoes that aren’t flat. I mean it’s just not worth it) I am left with only some red flats and even these I am skeptical about wearing ( they lack support) and some of my less appropriate for work shoes (hiking boots and sneakers).
So I really have to be careful about the outfit. I have a choice between few tops and few bottoms or I can simply wear a black and white dress again that I wore recently ( I guess that’s the consequences when you cut your wardrobe)
The down side is to this dress it is both very short and very reveling… Basically it only leaves a little to the imagination.

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