Cutting Down on Clothes

After waking up this morning I took it upon myself to cut down even more on my clothes. I saw a blog where a woman referes to a 33Project I can only imagine what this actually was but the blogger said she only has 33 items of clothing. So I tried to give it a go.
I have been left with:
3 long sleeves (winter is coming)
2 short sleeve t-shirts
2 three quarter shirts
2 pairs of jeans, one black and one blue with painted pictures on them.
2 pairs of shorts, a grey pair and a pair of blue high waisted
2 pairs of work pants
4 skirts, the purple, grey and the denim grey ( all high waisted) and one denim skirt.
3 jumpers (all black turtle neck ones)
2 leather jackets, one a trench style and the other a short one that comes to my waist.
8 dresses.

From this I am excluding:
Excessive gear
Underwear and undergarments

It appears I have less than 33 garments
But only just. Now that I have less things I feel alive and I know what to wear because everything I kept goes.
It was hard at first. I separated everyone into piles.
1. essential pile
2. not essential pile

Anything in number two got the flick an anything in the essential pile was scrutinized to the max.
I finally got it down to 40 items of clothes (majority dresses) I kept only the ones that could be used all year round by the simple adding of a long sleeved shirt and stockings.

One thing that I should have kept was more long pants as we are about to hit winter.



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