that awkward moment when

You walk into the female bathrooms and find it is putrid. This happens everywhere, every event I’ve been to bar Woodford of course. But at University, The Easter Show, Clubs (especially the unisex bathrooms at Hot Damn) and at concerts and music festivals. In many of my weaker moments where I decided that when you need to go, you need to go… Well I went any used the male bathrooms! Far out they are so clean!! Maybe 5/7 times the boys bathrooms were 50times cleaner than the girls.
I don’t know how we achieve it! It’s filthy but we do! I mean I guess it is an accomplishment… But not one that I think many people are proud of…
It’s just something I have noticed.

Come on girls! We are supposed to be “neater” than boys but this whole stereotype were men are messy and girls are neat is total hogwash in my view. I walk into a girls room it may look neat to the eye but it isn’t! And men! When I walk into a mates room it is deceptively clean… Sure a few things out of place but usual I can find a space that is clear to sit, where when I go to a girlfriends room… I’m not sure if it is just my friends, but every surface is covered! oh and under the bed!!! Plates and clothes that haven’t seen the light of day!
Haha well I think that the misconception about girls being “tidy” is hilarious. What do you think?


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