Outfit of the day number 7

Urghhh yet another day I have been up since 4am playing mother, waking other people up and making their lunch before sending them off to work. But inspite of being asleep on my feet I still need to go to university today. Woo 10 hours of back to back classes…. You jealous? Hah! I don’t think anyone would be unless they weren’t getting an education. On the plus side I only do it two day a week.
But to the matter at hand… What to wear?
I think for my outfit of the day I need to wear something appropriate to go out to dinner in … Since I have a dinner after class to go to.
So it’s kinda suddenly freezing over here (not that I can complain – its over 14 degrees). So I’m going to wear old faithful, my leather jacket I bought from Zara in 2009 (so last season I know but I really think a leather Jacket is timeless).

And this cute and ruffled cardigan under it. The sleeves are so totally great that’s why I think I wear this unusual cardigan so much.

This top I have has since forever but yet it never looks old. The only thing I need to worry about is that the front doesn’t go loose when I wear a certain bra haha. Once again the sleeves are the main attraction ( I feel a little like Austin powers)

I wanted to wear this skirt to liven it up from the black but I accidentally got paint on it yesterday when I was painting.

Which I think in the long run isn’t so bad since the denim skirt with the top I picked didn’t really go with all that black. GREY SKIRT IT IS!

The tights I picked were lacy and I just matched my favorite boots… My only boots now that all my other pairs have bitten the dust.


Even though alcohol is a toxin, have a drink for me.


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