Moving on.

Moving on from memory’s is hard. Especially when they are attached to objects.
After going through all my childhood stuff in an attempt to declutter ( my room is only small and so so full of things), I have decided to free myself from the attachment I placed on my things. It started out ok, but I found my Harry Potter collection really difficult. Harry Potter and Doctor Who were really my favorite things since I was 14 and I am finding it hard to move on from the good memories. But since they aren’t making books or even movies anymore I think it may be the end of an era.
Here are some pictures of myself and my bet friends at the Harry Potter opening night at the PowerHouse.



And there is our favorite Fred and George. I even shook both of their hands haha I was so excited!







I look at the snitch and the wand I have sitting on my shelf for the world to see, it’s like a moment of time has been frozen. A picture of the three of us files sits behind them, accompanied by all the books.
But I’ll always have memories and web I don’t, I will have the photograph of the girls and I. That excitement on our faces makes moving on from all the memorabilia I have hard. But some kid out there may be just getting into the books and may really want the things more than I do.





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