Social Networking

It seems everyone now adays is connected. I’m connected to you through the internet. Social Networking is booming right now.

I remember in 2008 finding Facebook  It was the new Myspace . Whoa!  I know right. I remember making the switch instantly, my friends took their time moving over only in late 2009. But now even pets have their own account on Facebook. Now to Twitter? I believe even a seagull has its own twitter account (new pope reference).

Hell there are so many social media sites I can only list a few that I know the names of.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Tumblur
  • Blogging sites
  • And so many that I cant even remember.

Games are beginning to double as social networking for kids starting them off young. There are online forums connecting adults. Just like blogs connecting people.

I wonder if we are using the computer too much…. says the girl who is writing a post…

Our bones aren’t as strong from lack of exercise and diet as young kids. Weight bearing exercises are vital to maintain good bones which if we dont get up from behind our desk to do our generation will be facing more and more    Osteoporosis. While I am looking at this from a natural medicine view point I believe that we are inflicting this upon our selves.

But Back to the point on Social Networking does it make communicating in person harder?

People can talk to their friends and catch up without even leaving the house. I think that is great for when the other person is unable to come to you. for example they are on the otherside of the world. But I do think we are spending way to much time hooked to our social networking sites. Checking twitter every five minutes to see what is new.


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