Ready, Set Go

This is a post made in Ten minutes

Ten whole minutes to write about what ever I want, I could tell you that I slept in, that I had a head ache from the pain fumes, or that I am at work right now.

But I want to talk about.. hmm I don’t know. Lets start at the beginning, I started school at 3 and a half. I was taken our because I was too young and I restarted at 4 and a half.

How Young Is Too Young?

some people want to keep their babies at home until they are 7.. or hell some even home school their kids. My parents both worked, So i guess that may be why I started school so early. I loved it to be honest. I enjoyed seeing friends and learning… mainly learning. That is what separated preschool and day care for me. There is only so much you can do.

I got a chance to play as much as I wanted to, to sleep as much as I wanted to. I loved being a kid. It was the best! I could play and never get bored, I never had to worry about missing a tv program or that if i stayed too long in the garden that I wouldn’t be able to submit a paper worth 50 % of my grade for university

(just got a phone call)

And back into rambling, all over the news is the new Pope Francis 1 ! from Argentina I believe. But some how it is a historic day for Australia, excuse me while I put two and two together. How does a new pope in the northern hemisphere affect Australia as a Historic Day. It may be a historic day for Catholic Followers over the globe but Australia is multicultural so I don’t know how it encompasses us as a whole. But on the plus side our PM decided to change the unemployment situation which is 5.4% unemployment rate (7 News)

and I am coming up to 8 minutes. Alright  Miranda Kerr, in a car accident, and only had whiplash but has managed to be on every news update this morning. I’m not saying it isn’t a big deal but people get in similar car accidents all the time and we aren’t on the news. She may be famous but it isn’t news. News is important things that may affect you… I hardly think a supermodel or a football stars personal life is that big of a deal.

And time to wrap it up.


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