How To Not Look Like A Tool At A Music Festivals

Contrary to Popular belief the main purpose of going to a music festival is to listen to music and to have fun.

Although I see most people using it as a way to:

  • Hook up with strangers (pash and dash) which is cool but you know if you are there with your boyfriend and you make out with someone else don’t act surprised when a fight breaks out
  • Take pictures rather than listen to the bands (I get you may not like or know every song but seriosuly if you forked our good money to see some of the bands at least stop filming your self for five minutes )

Man! there are so many other things but I’ll leave my rant at that.

What To Avoid

Jump on Facebook and check out Embarrassing Festival Photos, there are some funny ones not going to lie.

20130314-110127.jpg 20130314-110123.jpgOh my gosh if there was a way other than missing out on the bands to avoid people dressing like this and getting their sweat on you I would do it.

To be honest I don’t care what other people do or wear… but this affects me… I don’t want to be covered in your sweat or have you stand in the way taking “selfies”  while people around you are trying to rock out to the LIVE band.


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