Playlist Of The Week

Alright I have had the best week ever.

  • I went to a wedding


  • I painted my house, or more accurately, my boyfriend painted my house


  • I left 20$ in the ATM and had it returned to me


  • I understood all of my science and medicine lectures


  • I have had time to blog


  • I had time to study


  • I havent been late


And The week isnt finished yet either.

But most importantly I have a mix of songs that I have been playing non stop. My Playlist of the Week is:

  1. Recovery by Frank Turner (Click here for my ramblings about it)
  2. Me and You by Cassie (Click here for the song)
  3. Black and Tans by Scythian (Click Here – to hear it)
  4. Thrift Shop by Macklemore (you already know this song i think – ps there is a Thrift Shop Themed Party on at Sydney University Tomorrow)
  5. How by Regina Spektor (Click here to listen)
  6.  A Little Piece Of Heaven by Avenged Seven Fold (Click Here to listen – it is a bit graphic and may not be suitable for everyone but the chorus is stuck in my head)
  7. Addicted To You by Shakira (Click Here)
  8. I’m Shipping Up To Boston By Dropkick Murphys (Click here)
  9. Into Dust by Mazzy Star (Click here)
  10. About You Now by the Sugarbabes (Click here )

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