Clan Outing

I have a large family.

27 cousins.
7 aunts. 7 uncles.

That’s only first cousins and on one side. I think it’s hard to be an only child when you come from such a large family. Especially when our clan has just grown by a new baby but it’s getting bigger today. My cousin is getting remarried to the most lovely lady. So we have her two children joining us under our surname and her family is merging with ours. I never understood family days, You know where you only spend time with your immediate family. That’s not how we do it in my family, Usually it consists of an hour drive and hanging out with my cousins, baby cousins, aunts, uncles, grandmother and now the new arrivals into our family and leaving around 10pm after being with them for 14 hours or more. After talking to my friends I have found it apparently isn’t a”normal” thing to do well it is a good thing I don’t care what people think haha.
To combine my grandmothers immediate family, well let’s say interesting is a good word to use but in a family of over 40 people adding new additions is so much fun. Especially when we are having up to 5th cousins at the wedding. Safe to say its a very large event.
Taking my extended family to a restaurant is usually not advised. The bill in the past blow right over a thousand dollars.
The type of family I come from is a hands in pockets kind of family. Everyone wants to know your business. And believe me they will find out. While this close knit attitude is nice it also brings a lot of trouble.

Today I am wearing my brown heels ( the only pair I own tragic I know)


I got them from NEXTin 2009 in the uk (London)




And on my face I’m wearing a combination of these 3



The wedding lunch was a lot of fun. All of my cousins were there and I got to spend time with the new baby… I think I may have lost two hours of the day with that baby asleep… I just lost track of time. Haha we went to the Regal Gardens on annangrove road. So amazing the gardens were beautiful and the food! So amazing!!! Especially the Ice-cream marshmello and honeycomb sandwitche for desert


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