Will it ever stop flooding?

My best friend in the world moved to Lismore to study nursing this year. Lismore is near the boarder of New South Wales and Queensland, it’s also a 9 hour drive unfortunately I am only on my provisional licence (reds) so I can only go 90km/per hour… I know it’s death so the drive takes forever. I mean if you speed you can get there in 6 hours … But NSW brought in averaging speed cameras that follow you..
Anyway in my attempt to visit her, my boyfriend and I ended up getting stuck in traffic, being blown all over the road by the wind, stuck in flood water, had 3 large fallen trees block us 3 different times. Man it was a sign not to go after the last tree was on the road.
Bad weather means Bad Traffic
After having to take different routs that probably added an hour to the trip and having almost all of them be blocked by nature we decided that getting to our destination was probably not going to happen this time.

The drive started ok on the highway, but with lots of car accidents from the weather we were diverted onto some windy roads yay! 😛 finally back on the highway the rain had eased

Only the wind was our problem at first… Then we got onto smaller roads and that’s when the flooding became the concern.








The water was deceptively deep as I found out after getting out of the car to splash around in it. My parents always told me to not play in flood water but I guess I just couldn’t help my self. It looked like knee deep… I found out it was thigh deep… Awesome. Haha
Our next road block was fallen trees after a landslide over took the road near Myall Lakes


After driving for five hours and finding so many set backs we decided to stop for a tea break in Myall lakes national park. It was the last two trees that blocked the road that made us decided to turn around. And good thing we did, after about five minutes from us turning back to sydney the most colossal amount of rain and wind hit the car and we had to pull over. It was actually kind of scary! The car was swerving on the road and the rain made it impossible to see a foot from the windscreen.
But on the plus side we got some great experiences 🙂












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