We all have a selection of names that we find a connection to, these are the ones that most stand out for me, and when and if I do get the chance I think I’ll pick a name from one of these. Some are from Books, Movies, short stories and others are just words I thought were nice.

Girls Names

  • Temperance
  • Constance
  • Euphemia
  • Wren
  • Dawn
  • North
  • Hazzard
  • Fallon
  • Rationality
  • Time
  • Clover
  • Intellect
  • Logic
  • Reason
  • Lacy
  • Genevieve
  • Gwen

Boys Names

  • Satyer
  • Tull
  • Corin
  • Thorin (I Am Very Much A Lord Of The Rings Fan)
  • Thrain
  • Albert
  • Alfred
  • Sebastian
  • Timothy
  • Gregory
  • John
  • George

Selecting a name for anything is a big decision because it becomes part of their identity unless they change their name legally but still that name will always be attached to them. I like so many names that when I named a pet or a doll as a child I would give them a long name. Naming a child is a little more precise and needs more thought than naming a child.

As a kid I used to name things by the surname of the people I got them from. I once got this doll, which is now 27 years old, it had already gone through two children before becoming mine. But in the case of marrying the person who got you knocked up you may ened up with a name like Fletcher Fletcher, then again Sharon Sharons made it as a big hit.


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