Dealing with Spiders

Just before I went to bed tonight I found a spider sitting in the middle of the hallway, big black and scary.
In my vain attempt to be impressive and not a whipm, I try to pick up at the closest thing to me, A cardboard box. Unfortunately it avoided my attempt to slide it along the floor the spider ran from my doorway to my mums closet…
Since my mum and I do generally kill spiders, she just takes then outside after I’m done screaming, we don’t actually own and bug spray. This causes problems for me when my mum is at work and the other brave person is my boyfriend who is back in his hometown for the weekend. While my morals on spider killing are up in the air. I always say if you can get it outside without anyone dying do that rather than kill it. They deserve a chance at life even if they are just a spider.

I’m a big girl so I don’t need my neighbor to get it. After pacing outside the closet for a good half hour on the phone to my boyfriend I can to the solution to sticky tape the cracks around the door shut.


I just feel itchy and every crunch is the spider trying to get through the door rather than use the nice window to the outside.

Deal With Spiders
A)Lock them in a room and seal off all but one exit with masking tape
B)Man Up