Me Time


I think it’s time I took myself out for a treat. I love myself a lot, but lately I haven’t had any me time.
I have just booked myself in for a facial, pedicure and massage. I used to get my kicks from sitting in the bath and painting my nails, then as “Working Girl” (not like that you dirty minded people) as a full time professional I started needing to spend money. That was my “me time ” a $260, 2 hour sitting at the hairdressers. Clearly you can see the regrowth was a constant problem, looking back I cant believe that I wasted all that money.

20130214-110239.jpg But then I went back to uni. I stopped having the cash to be materialistic.
and I stopped having Me Time, now i’m ready to get back into it. the non expensive way.

We all need our ‘me time’, time to ourselves.
It is a chance to unwind, do the things you cant do when your friends or boyfriend is around. Personal stuff: It can be finally wax your legs rather than constantly shaving Or that new coat of nail polish that has been crying out to you all week Or It’s the coursework.


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