The Lost Love Of The Sea


You left me in a hurry

You left me with a desire to triumph

Not a backwards glance as you drove away

The darkness of the night piercing at my heart,

as sharp as the swiss blade you kept in your shoe.

But I will wait

I’ll trial many

waiting until your return

the throughts of your high beams as you pull up

will keep me strong until you have fished the seas and found no other like me.

I know you will crash and break,

drowning in your misery,

You , my dear, will slip silently beneath the blanket of the water

only fished out when you are clean


Valentines Day

For valentines day both my man and I were skint. I decided to hand make him a gift that was cheap and really special.












I got an old card board box that used to either house shoes or a box of flowers and I grabbed a magazine like Marie Claire. After cutting out the paper that looked like textures, no actual pictures of people and I glued them onto the cardboard and made a collage, you can just use contact to make it both sturdier and water resistant.
And your box is done.
Jump onto your computer And go into word.
I did two things:
Cute note
List of things in the box.
The wooden carving was my favorite.


Me Time


I think it’s time I took myself out for a treat. I love myself a lot, but lately I haven’t had any me time.
I have just booked myself in for a facial, pedicure and massage. I used to get my kicks from sitting in the bath and painting my nails, then as “Working Girl” (not like that you dirty minded people) as a full time professional I started needing to spend money. That was my “me time ” a $260, 2 hour sitting at the hairdressers. Clearly you can see the regrowth was a constant problem, looking back I cant believe that I wasted all that money.

20130214-110239.jpg But then I went back to uni. I stopped having the cash to be materialistic.
and I stopped having Me Time, now i’m ready to get back into it. the non expensive way.

We all need our ‘me time’, time to ourselves.
It is a chance to unwind, do the things you cant do when your friends or boyfriend is around. Personal stuff: It can be finally wax your legs rather than constantly shaving Or that new coat of nail polish that has been crying out to you all week Or It’s the coursework.