Worries of the Here And Now


Enviromental Issues: GM foods, Pesticides and Importation of Food.

I am a strong believer in giving the farmer the money that she or he earned for producing organic materials, but when Australian farmers are being pushed out of the game, by other countries. I do think that the worlds global network of transporting food is great, but when I have to look in 4 different supermarkets to buy product of Australia that worries me.  The importing of foods grown overseas is great really, for those who can’t wait for seasonal fruit to come in season again at least. But I believe seasonal fruit is seasonal for a reason, in winter you need to keep warm and store fat on your body so that’s why in the past people didn’t complain that they couldn’t have mangoes in winter. But now I feel it is a great pressure on farmers to compete with the importation of foods into Australia that causes them to add pesticides.


GM foods, there are pros and there are cons, these genetically modified foods are feeding the hungry and are allowing the worlds constantly growing population to be fed and with all the nutritional value of the land with all the over farming to deal with the excessive farming. But in my belief GM foods should be optional, where is the label that says if it is or if it isn’t. GM foods are something that I would prefer not to eat, in my opinion sure they are helping but what about all the ‘originals’. The original types of legumes and seeds that have been used since forever, I remember watching a few years ago a program on sbs about GM foods and again another show on sbs which was about the search for these ancient grains that had been bread out because of its lower production levels and it’s hardy ability to survive.

These GM foods are not what the environment is adapted to. In may 1999, the GM Bt corn had a very negative effect on the Monarch butterfly larvae. GM food is not natural, sure if it occurs naturally in the environment then go for it, but if animals don’t want to or cannot eat it than why would I want to. I must admit I hate having to wash the fruit before I eat it, What about when things expired in a timely fashion and weren’t dosed up with chemicals to make them last longer in storage before they get to the supermarket.

And the influence that commercialised products have on the public,  “health foods” that are overly processed are being marketed even though they are probably just as unhealthy as a regular muesli bar with the same amount of additives. In the eye of the public, health food isn’t a balanced diet of fruit and veg, it is now ‘two scoops of this protein powder with  a power bar but of added colours flavours and even vitamins’. This is the concerns I have for when I become a practitioner, the general public is being, for lack of a better word, “Brainwashed”, by being fed information and not doing their own research it is going to make the re-education when it comes to treating them very hard.  


One thought on “Worries of the Here And Now

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