Peak hour

Morning traffic as we know it has somehow managed to get worse. The increase of cars is causing the bumper bumper conditions to last an extra half hour in some cases. With no traffic, doing the speed limit, i can make it to the city in 20 minutes but as soon as you add all the workers trying to get to work…. That 20 minutes turns into 2 and a half hours on the worst day. HOW THE HELL IS THAT POSSIBLE?

So the alternative is to catch public transport. This is brilliant, it cuts down the emissions from the cars an frees up traffic. Hey even the T3 lane was a good idea. The only problem on the northern beaches is that we only had Buses and the Ferry. These fill up like there is no tomorrow. Trying to get a seat for the hour plus journey is like death. Literally. You will see so many people ranging from 16-40 refusing to give up their seat for both the older generations ( I’m not talking fit grannies, I’m talking elderly people with canes and walkers).

So we also lost common curtesy in the last few generations. NOT TO MENTION: everyone is playing on their phone, gone are the days of quiet chatter between the person sitting next to you and yourself. People are plugged in to their iPhone, iPod, blackberry. Even books are gone, replaced by laptops or electronic book.

Our poor generation is missing out on so much. We all hate that one person who talks to loud on the phone, but being on a silent bus does not allow for an introduction to the person next to you as they are buried in a game of “tomb runner” on their phone. Not to mention people who play their music to loud. CRAZY