Wise Person Archetype

To me a ‘Wise Person‘ is person who you would go to for help or advice, much like a counsellor, the difference being that a ‘wise person’ is free from what many people are unable to free themselves from. Much like a monk or traveller who gives everything up but the clothes on their back, I see a wise person as being free from ego. They deal with the matter at hand with the same belief, the only thing that changes, As not only must a wise person adapt to the new (ideas and ways of dealing with things) they cant treat one person with one rule and another for someone else, all situations are different and must be treated as such, but the use of special treatment for one alone when it is needed for all is not tolerated by the wise person.

In order to become and take on attributes of that ‘wise person’
20130204-070218.jpgpersona to treat people in a clinical practice, the practitioner needs to understand what it means to be in such as position of power and not abuse it. There can be no “this is what I would do in this situation“, because the practitioner can never fully understand how the client will function in that situation or the deeper meaning behind the clients actions because in some cases the client doesn’t even know. This is not seen as being high and mighty as the counsellor who is acting as the ‘wise person’ is not acting as themselves, but as a wise person who doesn’t have assumptions prefabricated and learns from the client how to respond and allows them to change using a moral strong framework which doesn’t change. It allows the client to learn as the wise person is not there to tell them where they are wrong or what to do but guides and suggests, it should be the client who should feel encouraged.

The wise person is a part of everyone and one day the client will open themselves up to tbe the wise person to another, The client is free from judgement from the wise person who may cary the traditional morals and values that were either cast aside with choice and decision Or by accident of the client.

My wise person has been with me as my intuition since I was a child, with the same ‘guardian’ or wise woman which I hope I will be able to help spark in my clients. But most of all the wise person archetype I hope to use in counselling setting is one free from judgement but states the view which holds the best interests focusing on a strict moral framework that is not forced or pushed on the client but there to allow the client to find their way.