Whether or not this is factual I believe an embrace can always make you feel better. Crying on someone’s shoulder is always better than crying alone. While dealing with depression is so very hard. Something I can put my hand up to experiencing. It is the desire to be alone and wallow that gets you, well for me at least. I didn’t want to see anyone and when I was forced into it I didn’t enjoy it but I will always remember having someone, an old friend, just embrace me and even though I tried to pull away they didn’t let go. I just burst into tears. But that person didn’t let go, didn’t say anything, they let me just cry out my emotions and let me tell you. That cuddle made me feel almost alive after feeling nothing for so long.


And it is! Relationships form the sense of belonging (I know it’s sounds like the 2011 HSC English paper). That sense of belonging is essential to feeling good about yourself and literally feeling good (healthy). You can’t be healthy but not happy. It doesn’t work like that!


Those cuddles that tell you that you are loved, the cuddles that are an expression of appreciation are the ones that are essential to living.

I like to thing of showers as cuddles, it’s the cascade of warmth from an external force that makes you feel happy, it strips you of you”sins” and wrong doings, it gives you a moment to feel free!


Pets can be a great source of love. Regardless of any spider that make be creeping. It’s the warmth from an external force that can make you tear up and feel better. It is the comforting shoulder to cry on. Dogs are by far my favorite, it’s the love they give unconditionally for their owner.

Dogs can be the heart and soul of a family, in a situation of a broken family, it is that beloved pet that can get a child through.

The cuddle or embrace between a child and their dog can be the most emotionally comforting thing.


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