Australia Day

I have heard some rumors of this apparent desire to change the name of Australia Day to “Citizens Day”. All I can do is laugh. If you are a citizen of Australia I do believe you are an Australian…. What’s wrong with being an Aussie? If you don’t want to be called an Australian after being made a citizen then why are you here? Australians are proud to be Australians that’s why we get angry about people wanting to change the name of our precious day.

We aren’t a country full of racist red necks we are a welcoming Place that expects it citizen and new Australians to work for their money and give back to the country who opened its doors to all of us. I must admit I was appalled to see on not one person who wasn’t born an Aussie working as a volunteer on our countries special day. I have friends who are first generation Aussie from all different backgrounds who volunteer but never have I seen a new citizen of Australia volunteer in my area. This is something that bothers me.

Ask not what your country can do for you, But what you can do for your country!

We may be known as a country that has riots on Australia Day and is well known for our attitudes to drink as BBQ but really you will see all Australians of different races all picnicking together on many of the beaches with the few idiots who cause the fights.

Regardless Australia Day is a day for people who love their country and are proud to be here. I can understand if you have a love of your heritage from another but you are so blessed like myself to call Australia home. It’s one of the many things that makes an Aussie an Aussie. You are PROUD TO BE AN AUSTRALIAN … And I’m not just talking about when we win the sport. Whether you were born here or just made a citizen. We are all living in Australia for the same reason. IT IS A WONDERFUL COUNTRY AND YOU SHOULD BE PROUD OF IT.

While the floods of 2012 and the fires and floods of this year dampen our spirits, after years of drought and the waiting for the heavens to open.


It’s a love for our country that makes us a nationality. Australian.


It isn’t a love of vegemite that makes you an Aussie or the religion you follow. It isn’t even whether you enjoy a beer on a quiet Arvo.


All that matters is the respect you hold for Australia.


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