Natural Medicine and Conventional Medicine Working Together?

To Integrate or Not to Integrate Natural Medicine/s into the Conventional Healthcare system

Natural Medicine has been used generation after generation, and from this there is knowledge that conventional medicine isn’t able to unlock. To put the two medicine practices together in the health care system would cause both good and bad.
The Good :

  • There are many things that natural medicine alone can’t  solve but the same goes for Conventional Medicine.
  • Working with the two together if used correctly a faster and more effective outcome will occur.

The Bad:

  • Doctors can overstep the boundaries and mix two treatments which clash.
  • A full understanding needs to be made of both before the treatment methods are used.

Natural Medicine focuses on the source and then the treatment while I see conventional medicine as just stoping the symptoms. Bring on the Bandaids and quick fixes.

The whole thing about health is the length of time to let the body recover and respecting it while conventional medicine is mainly all about getting the patient able to go back to work or do what ever it is that they want. Which the Conventional branch of medicine has adapted to fit the ‘wants’ rather than the ‘needs’ of the patients,  The patient  wants to go to the party is much more than the need for them to rest and recover. And so this is where the pharmaceutical companies come in.

Conventional Medicine and Pharmaceutical companies go hand in hand, each pushing the other for favours to further themselves. Doctors prescribe what the pharmaceutical companies tell them essentially in my view, the problem with integrating natural medicine into the health system is that the pharmaceutical drugs won’t be sold. And that is just not an option for the big brand companies.

Almost every cream, tablet, cosmetic has a natural alternate just floating around in the outside world without the chemicals, but without the production and re-branding of these products the big companies will go out of business, and bye-bye money. You can’t integrate Natural medicine into the health system because of the politics at the moment, But in the long run I see it being one of the more vital changes to the health care system. Sometimes the chemicals in the drugs prescribed by conventional medicine can do more harm than good to the patient, this can be the same in both branches of medicine, but the natural alternatives may have more of a chance to heal the patient.


Both of these branches hold different views and opinions on healing, to ask doctors and practitioners of both fields to compromise their treatments may be asking too much. The lack of understanding of the branches used together would cause turmoil.  The affect of the change to the health system with the intergration of both branches being used side by side would impact the patient and the methods of treatment, I imagine it would take a long time for existing and new doctors and practitioners to adjust to the new system as well. I mean how can you just push two fully established health care practices together without expecting some backfire. The different drugs will react to each other, you can’t help it. I doubt even a doctor trained in both would know the exact reaction to mixing treatments on every occasion. But in some cases I believe that the use of blending treatments of both branches can help when used correctly in relation with each other, It can promote faster and  more effective healing and comfort of the patient.

But with the integration of Natural medicine into the health care system for the public it opens the branch of medicine up to some big bucks for research and studies into the fields. There lies the problem, Conventional Medicine doesn’t receive enough money for research as it is, somehow I don’t think they will happily split their funding to give it to a new addition to the health care system.

The public are yet another road block. As I am sure there was one for conventional medicine, which surely must have faced a lot of conflict while establishing itself away from folk medicine. I believe for some it would be easier than others to accept natural medicine as part of the health care system, as there is a lot of folk medicine still being used and don’t forget those tree-hugging hippies who all promote nature, but really I feel that a lot of the population will be accepting but there is a portion wont be. There are people who like what they know, anything that is new is bad. In this case there would have to be a lot, I mean a lot of sessions to teach and educate other people about the integration of natural medicine into the health care system.


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