Traditional Knowledge Vs Scientific Knowledge in Natural Medicine

Traditional knowledge  Vs scientific knowledge.

I believe Traditional Knowledge is equally as valid as scientific evidence which is based on many studies, to me hundreds of years of people being healed and not getting sicker are the same thing. If it hasn’t done any damage for the last 100 years why does it not seem valid to use. I believe in some cases there should be scientifically monitored studies of the traditional methods to improve effectiveness but in all honestly the traditional knowledge is passed on and used because it works, a scientific study of the effects of something are a smaller sample of the use of traditional knowledge. If they want to know if Traditional Medicine works, look at the generations which have used it.

Of course you can’t just tell people it works, they need their proof that they won’t get worse. Well look at the generations who have been treated using folk medicine passed down because it works. In a medical centre the doctors can’t treat patients using folk medicine unless they are trained and have the facts and figures which have been approved by the medical board. So Scientific knowledge is needed for a more orthodox medical professional to prescribe such things.

Using traditional knowledge allows for a mixture of healing techniques to be used at the same time because of the knowledge that they can all work together. This to me is a strength, I don’t believe that natural medicines are less potent, but can and should be used in conjunction with other approaches when dealing with a serious medical condition. But I do believe I would prefer to take natural medicine which has been passed down through generations of tradition because at least I know it not only works but the people who have utilised it aren’t trying to make money off it unlike the large pharmaceutical companies and I can see the effect on the people. Which to me is a better reassurance than some conventional medicine studies can show.

Traditional Knowledge is different to the scientific knowledge in the sense that the outcomes are different. The traditional knowledge is passed along because it works in the hopes of keeping later generations healthy, I may  be bias, but I don’t think that studies done to study medicine are all that reliable, pharmaceutical companies do have a lot of ‘pull’ and influence over studies conducted by their company. Independent research can come out with different results and that is what I don’t like. The studies are good to show number, people as numbers, but we aren’t. Each person is different and needs to be treated in a medical sense differently, prescribing different things to meet the individual’s needs.

Natural medicine, using the blanket term to cover it, has been used for thousands of years, nutrition was used to maintain good health way back with the ancient  greeks and egyptians. The difference is that science is finding the dosage, to create ‘health’ by taking so many ‘grams’ of a substance rather than just eating a wide variety of nutritional food. It is like they are cheating by trying to create a quick fix in my opinion.

In nutritional medicine I have seen more and more scientific research being done and the same goes for naturopathy there is more and more scientific research done in these areas now as it is becoming more popular. But these areas of natural medicine have been based on thousands of years traditional knowledge  and trial and error passed down.

The scientific side to this style of medicine is the nitty gritty, the small details that have been overlooked, perhaps trialling the exact amount and the difference in treatment. The usual level teaspoon should be replaced with 3.4 grams of a substance for example, which would be a strength of scientific knowledge. Knowing for a fact the exact measurement or exactly why it works is very important to some people, and this is what scientific research allows us to do.



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