Private vs Multi-Discipline Clinics

I have always wanted to own my own practice, I think that starting in a Multi- Discipline Clinic is a good start, while working with other people can be stressful (This is one of the things that puts me off it long term) the atmosphere of having people there as backup can take away some unnecessary anxiety.

I feel the advantages of working in a Multi-Disciplined Clinic is that you are never alone, there is always a second opinion and some sense of security if you work in a building. The knowledge that someone else will clean the restrooms and the mirrors and dust can be a pleasant bonus of working in a clinic, it also allows you freedom to not have to work every day.

But to me the disadvantages of working in a Multi-Disciplined Clinic are that you have to rely on others to do something. I prefer to know that if I haven’t done something right that it was me and that if someone else does things I feel like they have let me down and it may be harder for them to improve where I will know what I have done wrong.  This is why working in a team envirorment may be good for the first few years of starting off in the field but in the long run I don’t see many personal advantages. I am not a fan of relying on people to do things for me. It can be nice to have a helping hand as you start off but I wouldn’t like to be mucked around because of someone elses mistake, where if it is my mistake I am the only one affected in a private practice, while if I am working in a team environment, my mistakes affect others.

It was only after last weeks lecture about Conflict Resolution did I realise how important it can be to not work alone, but to work in a team environment. I still believe I would prefer to work in a private practice where I only impact myself, but I have had a more open view of both now.



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