Crapy make up tute Finger painting

Make up with fingers is my summer time Boredom killer. Start off with a clean face.
Grab your makeup…. I am not the best at it so I’m using what ever I have. Today I have

Start by slathering on the tinted moisturizer. Hopefully it is the right color, blend on your neck and ears… Don’t forget your hair line.

Hopefully you look more awake than I do.

20130112-132806.jpge break out the bronzer… This you actually don’t use your fingers for unless you are highlighting… Apparently.

Eyeshadow!!! Ok so this is back to fingers, clean hands please. With your finger get enough eyeshadow on it and drag it over your lid. Keep the dark away from the inner corner/center of the eye.

20130112-133023.jpg Witt he light eye shadow drag it up an across from the inner corner.

Lips time!!! Light pink for bigger and fuller lips. Line them and only fill the outer edges then apply the gloss



Quick line of eyeliner and BAM YOU ARE GOOD TO GO



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