Would You Rather See the Statistics Or The Change?

Methodologies that Validate The Efficacy Of Nutritional Medicine
I believe my modality Nutritional Medicine proves its true worth and value through the use of Qualitative research as well as quantitative. Hearing someone saying ‘yes I feel better’ as well as the statistics of their increased health through the use of better diet, such as blood tests to check the liver or kidney functioning.
The proof of its value can be seen in people who have been able to add years to their life and give themselves a better lease of life. Modalities like questionaries/surveys, case studies (this one in particular, you can see the change in the person over time as they start to cure themselves using nutritional medicine).
In my opinion, the value and efficacy can be seen through the use of discussions where people talk about their experience with nutritional medicine. By seeing someone have a new lease on life would be enough for some.
But, I have to admit that I personally like to see many fact and figures before I believe anything so good use of quantitative research that shows improvements in a large range of people across the board would be a good way to see its effectiveness. On a large scale like this the studies would be rather costly, but with a result that would be able to be published and reviewed in Medical Journal Articles and in other forms of medical literature.


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