Homeopathic Medicine into Mainstream?

Homeopathic hospitals exist overseas. Possible positives and possible negatives in integrating Homeopathic Medicine into Mainstream Medicine as it stands today.

I one day hope to work in my own natural medicine clinic, but for the mean time I think the integrative of the two can only lead to an eventual good outcome, but getting there will be hard.

Positive: Using the two branches of medicine together – only good can come of it if followed correctly. Each can counter the other. Maybe the two of them working together would result in a quicker healing time and more effective procedure.

Negative: People may only rely on homeopathic medicine, leaving the patient open to things that have been mutated, and things that natural forms of medicine can not combat. It also may  confuse the Patient, having two doctors who say conflicting things. I don’t believe that every doctor would be able to undertake 12 years of training and remember what conflicts with what medications.

Positive : Educating the Patients, instead of saying see you next time for the mistakes you made, they may receive advice which aids in prevention, which means, less visits to the doctors offices.

Negative: Pharmaceutical companies and ‘Natural Supplement’ Companies, Blackmores, wouldn’t be too please about their medication and supplements not being sold and would make it very hard for homeopathic medicine to be integrated in. Education of Patients and clients would be a big thing. Some people don’t want to know about the natural approach because it may actually take some effort rather then a quick pill to solve everything. And you can’t just push a new branch of medicine into a flowing hospital.


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