It’s that fun topic which I just love to talk about. And this time it isn’t mine. drinks all round.

What really got me fueled for this was people around me who are somehow all in love… ok so I am one of them, after knowing someone for a few days they are “in love“… Sorry but I don’t think you can have the fairytale ending too! Haha ok so I admit I am one of those people who if it’s right… It’s right.

I think in this case anyone under the age of 18? ( I guess) can’t really feel the whole love at first sight thing due to lack of experience, hell I could be wrong. When I was 16 I was “in love” with a boy and wanted to marry him….
So I’m not really allowed to criticize, but looking back I can see it wasn’t love, it was a need filled relationship. Captain Bas was my first love (18years old) and I still remember every detail of it. Since then I am jumping from man to
Man trying to find that same connection…. But when I see a 12 year old confessing her love to her boyfriend </em of the hour, I can't help but laugh.

I’m not sure if it is just my circle of friends, but I tell them details. What’s wrong with that? The most usual question is Where were your legs?
Is it just because we are so close, just us girls, no bitching about each other, no gossip. But guys are apparently the ones who tell their friends, not one of my partners has ever been one of those guys who tell intimate details to their friends, lucky me. But I think of just how much it can effect a teenagers life if those details got out and circulated around high schools.

This is by far the look of the Captains phone, I have been both the girlfriend and the side chick in this situation.
Looking back it is actually hilarious, how people treat each other. Hell! And the way we let ourselves be treated. Where is your assertiveness? Huh? Where is your self-respect?

When Cupid is out with his arrow only bad things will arrive, for every great love…there is an equally terrible one, selfish and snide who for some absurd reason you will “love”.

Dating yay! … Ok so we all know stereotypically girls take longer to get ready and stress about dates… Haha, girls have I got news for you. Under the layers of cockiness and douchbagness there is a huge layer of insecurities…. And that ongoing fights between the male “brains”… That’s right, plural.
Sometimes, not always and certainly not the majority of men, want the same as what we want, that is not to play games.
I’m not going to lie, I love to chase but hate it when they chase me.
Is it possible that the dickhead who tells you he doesn’t want to play games, actually is the biggest douchbag around? Yes it is totally possible. But sometimes you meet the guys who actually wants to be with you without make up, having nights in, playing monopoly. lol like I said, certainly not the majority.

I think everyone at some point in their life will be in a relationship based on lies or that will hurt them emotionally. My best advice is to get moving ( I should really take my own advice).
STOP BEING SELF DESTRUCTIVE get out of that relationship if it hurts you, how else will you find your “soulmate”?

We all try so hard to make ourselves like the ideal mate. Trying to get into that relationship. Why not be yourself but be confident. You are more likely to have a good time.
Now the problem is that once you are in that relationship…



Yeah I don’t blame people as they get older, but I’m not going to lie, when I’m old and wrinkly I still want to be happy and still probably … You know… Well I just don’t want it to fizzle out.

You know what they say, the more time you spend with someone the more you fall in “love” or in my case ” attraction” haha I was going to say obsession, so in some cases I’m sure that is true too.


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