Call of Woodford

20130104-142438.jpg The Arrival! I dont know what over came me as we entered this temporary shanty town, it felt so amazing and comfortable completely different to the feeling of a caravan park.20130104-142513.jpg

20130104-142532.jpgI am not going to lie, I feel so safe. No cares in the world. It was like a different quality of people. A community.

20130104-142500.jpg notably we were still setting up in the first few hours but many people were still arriving and many already there as I am sure you can see in the pictures.


20130104-142556.jpg The Festival opened for business at 5pm on the 26th. I was off like a rocket, so many things to see and do. I fell asleep so early every night but the buzz of the place, the life and vibes always woke me up so early. My body and brain itching to get moving, to beat the cues, I was in the shower at 5am every day, a quick quick 1 minute shower in frigid water certainly woke you up.


20130104-142651.jpg While I would pass out after my last band of the evening, the party would continue. Other festival goers taking full advantage of the festival,many retiering to the Chai tent in the wee hours of the morning before I would noisily come along with the rest of the walkers at 6am to catch the birdlife in it’s full swing. 20130104-142730.jpgI usually jam packed my days with lectures and bands while others packed the night and left the day open to chance. I found that as my day was coming to a close and I was ready to commence my 6 minute walk back to camp, I would hear some fiddle in some distant part of the festival and somehow find the energy to dance till I dropped.

Some great lectures I went to were done by Northey Street City Farm in Brisbane, in the Green House, the picture above is of the interactive lecture on making a garden for the poor sods like me who live in a apartment block for the mean time.
My favourite speakers were Tim and Bunya, introduced by the beautiful MC, Erin.





20130104-142821.jpgOne of my more regular pubs I would end up here every night at 8:30 to watch The Twoks (which if you havent heard their song 240 Volts, you should, click here), On one of my escapades to head home I heard this spectacular music radiating out of the pinapple lounge, in seconds I had dropped all my things and couldnt help but dance. and continued to find myslef there every night to watch them.
My ears also led me to the majestic band: The Company, absolutely magical. Once again I was dancing whether I wanted to or not. I found the other celtic bands the same way, Sharon Sharons, The Queensland University Pipe Band (their cd made a great gift for my pa) and the Highschool Folk Band which took my breath away.

20130104-142854.jpg I am now the proud contributor of two trees to be planted in Woodford, which will hopefully make it a little cooler for the years to come, for every tree bought, the funders will match it. Right on!


20130104-142835.jpg I saw so many great speakers in the Greenhouse, that words can not explain how amazed I was, on many a night I went to bed speechless, having my mind blown was awesome.

20130104-142917.jpg Many of the health talks I went to were in the Blue lotus, but on a completly unrelated note I saw the most amazing two performers in Songlines, a young man with down, mate you wouldnt have known! The most amazing rapper, I dont even like rap, but my ears led me to him. I only wish I caught his name. and the young boy following him in the open mike, ” a runnaway boy from a broken family” is how he described himself, and man his music was great, so enjoyable.


20130104-143313.jpg I was sad to say I was really unimpressed by the two fortune-tellers who were working the festival, I felt they really fell down in their readings and approach to the public, but i will admit, great marketing for their business… just in my opinion, it wasn’t a good business.

20130104-143004.jpg The wonderful Mr butterfly whom I chased down.

20130104-143400.jpg Half Moon Run, fantastic band.



20130104-144155.jpg And this is the spectacular Company, I woke up so so early on New years day to see them perform and it was spectacular  I found them by chance as they were signing cds, from a few stalls away I heard music to my ears, and once I found them, I followed their every gig.






20130104-144239.jpg All in all it was a fantastic festival, I’ll try and figure out how to upload the videos I took. But I’ll leave you on the note, the best people and musicians I met, I met in the Guiness Pub by following my ears.


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