Believing What You Read?

Some ways that you can find out whether the information in articles is accurate.

First off, dont always believe what you read! Where is the evidence?
But Elysium, there is a study! It must be true!
Oh really? is there? one study? and you are going to believe it? What are the chances, the study was done with an ulterior motive in terms of the result? (It is actually pretty high).


In my opinion, magazines have content that will sell, while  it may based on an idea of truth, believing what you read in them without question in  it is silly.
Magazines are designed to sell copies, they aren’t filled with all the bad stuff because people don’t want to know that what they are doing is harming them.
Sure in this case the aim of the article is to point out the negative things to avoid, but how much of that is fact?
Who wrote it? Is that author an expert in the field? Do they have the qualifications that say that they can give advice? Where are the facts and figures? Where is the evidence that any of this is true? References? Do magazines even put them in? are they above plagiarism?

I think if you are reading something regarding your health, do your own research, having one ‘study’ that says something isn’t enough to change your lifestyle.
When reading an article it is important to know whether it is from a reputable source, but keep in mind, the people who check it to be ‘reputable’ may have no clue about the topic and validity of the article that they are going to publish.

How old is the information in the article? Chances are it could be already out of date if it is in a magazine. The time taken for the research or article to be published, it could already be outdated by new studies and findings.

But most importantly do your own research. Find other articles in scientific journals to back it up.



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