Return of The Captain

It’s funny how a stranger can reappear in your life faster then when they left.
I met a boy two weeks ago last year and fell head over heels in love with him.
20121215-022742.jpgClingy doesn’t suit anyone but I wore it well. We started dating and everything was at the speed of light. Never a moment away from each other. He knew my family and I knew his. He had a set of keys and his mum showed me the back way into their house.

Then I wasn’t enough and he met someone new. After 3 months of trying to win him back with my body and a whirl in my own pity party I got angry at him rather then wondering what I could have done.


I still have the strongest feelings a year later.


Now here he is again at my doorstep asking to hangout for a bit of “;)”… I’ve learnt my lesson.

No guy will stick around and respect you as the capable woman you are when you let them have it


I sometimes think that the more I take away any shield to hide myself the more that I am opening myself up to get hurt. which is true but in the long run I would rather experience those strong emotions for such a short about of time and have it end in tears than never have a chance to know what it could have been.

This time it’s payback, we’ve all made the mistake before But this time I’ll play the game.

For me games of the mind an heart are silly. I don’t want to play games. I want to chase. It’s funny how the guys I don’t like chase me and the ones I do I end up chasing.
Man after man, they are all emotionally unavailable.
So I’ll take a step back and let them come to me.
It has worked with the captain, a year later and we are exactly where we started. He doesn’t want a relationship and I do. But life is a learning curve I guess I’ll just have to see if I can change his mind.


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