Personal understanding of self worth.

Self Worth in my opinion is the value we place on ourselves. It can be impacted by other actions towards us as well as our own actions.

Self-concept is self-worth, is made up of our self image and self esteem. If we have high self esteem and love our self to pieces, bordering narcissism, I think that an individuals self worth will be high. Our physical attributes can have a great impact on our self worth if we let them, for example I have often visited a great aunt of mine, whom is in her late 80’s, she is very active and still does ballet and performances in acting. She holds herself in high regard, where her neighbour who is significantly younger is often stuck wallowing in self pity. She thinks she is ‘old’ at the age of 50. In my opinion, it has to do with the value that we place on the importance of things.

I myself have a ridiculously high value of self worth, sometimes the height of self-worth can be a bit of a delusion for some but I think as long as you have some belief in yourself and the value of ‘you’ being here, then you are on the right track.

My self worth comes from encouragement to strive to be the best I can be from friends and family, rarely have I entertained a negative thought about myself, even as a child if I had a negative thought for a second it was replaced by my desire to do it again until it was good. I know that others actions towards you can effect someone’s self-worth, you can see it with the effects of bullying, but I think that maybe the people whom are affected by this already have a lower vale of self-worth, that may be a reason why they are seen as targets. For example, the nurse in the UK who recently committed suicide after the prank phone call from the radio station. She may have had a significant low value of self worth as well as other issues unknown.

I think that aspect of mental health can affect your value of self worth, Today in the paper, The Daily Telagraph 11th December Tuesday 2012 page 10, I was reading an article on Eating disorders by Caroline Marcus. This may not be exactly related to self-worth, but in my opinion it is, Many of these disorders are impacted by a persons self worth,thoughts like : “I’m not good enough” or “I am still so fat” “Maybe if I was skinner things would different” can float around anyone’s mind but I think that the higher the self-worth the less chance of these things happening.

Not to say that if you do have a disorder you have to have low self-esteem, but I think that there is defiantly a connection. For example, People with Bi Polar, when they are in their manic high state, think that they can accomplish anything, when they are in their low state they can be suicidal. Situational depression, can bring down a individuals self-worth, even if they normally have a high, a man losing his health, losing money on the stock market and losing his relationship are all situations where this may occur.



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