Reaching That Inner Child?

What activities could you engage in to help draw out the inner child?

I personally know my inner self as a little kid comes back when I do the things I did as a child or go the same places. It wasn’t that long ago that I was the ‘inner child’. For me going to the park and feeding the ducks makes me feel like a little kid again and when I go to mud flats and see the solider crabs, I feel as if I’m back there as  a child, all those things are like security to me as I had I think one of the most fantastic childhoods. For other people I think it may be different, if I was to look back at old pictures I drew, I don’t feel anything from them, not like when I find the same path I made as a kid through the reserve in the bush.
I found the drawing yourself as a child exercise good but it didn’t work that well for me. So apparently you draw a picture of yourself as a child in the middle of a page with your non dominant hand and on the left of it, write down all the things you wanted to be and liked, now on the right, write down all the people and places that were important and symoblic, made you happy.

I think that is a great thing to use, Music was generally around for most people growing up, usually their parents music. So I think hearing those songs play may spark something, like feelings and memories that are tied to the inner child.

I think meditating would also be a great way to draw out and reconnect with your inner child. As well as doing the things you did as a kid, like picnics at the park or finger painting, making up pies. I think that being around kids and playing the same games you played is a great way to reconnect.
I admit I still make sandcastles the exact same way that I always have regularly, I think I would lose a part of me if I had to stop. I think having your inner child is an outlet that everyone needs in order to maintain the balance of their life.


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