Is Google Making Us Stupid?

That is the big question of the day. Check out this Article to give me some feedback.

In My opinion this is a tough call, I’m really not a fan of all this new found technology that I don’t think is necessary for survival. Google has wormed its way into our daily life; It’s a word that everyone will know what you are talking about when they hear you say it, hell or even the unmistakable colours of the letters.

When people don’t know something, instead of looking it up in an encyclopaedia, they jump on their smart phone or netbook and ‘google’ it, Not ‘search’, not ‘look up’, but ‘google’ it. Perhaps this specifically doesn’t make us any less smart, I admit I do enjoy having the ability to quickly find out some information, but when people refuse to use common knowledge or their memory, that’s when I get worried. People who use google to tell them the simplest things, I think ‘Google’ is making us more lazy then anything.

According to the Article, Google is used on average 300 million times per day, that’s half of the searches done on the internet every day. I am impressed, google is more popular compared to other search engines that are out.

But how about those search rankings? What comes up on the top of the first page or the 5th result, I know a fare few people who seem to think that if it is on the first 3 pages of google it must be true. It’ll be an good shock for them to see how, mentioned in the article, the third result when searching ‘Martin Luther King’ the third link (here) is some hogswash marketed as being a ‘…valuable resource…’ which is clearly not as valid or free from bias as many people would have thought. I admit I found it absurd that it was ranked number 3 on the search.

I think the people who believe what they read and take it as truthwithout doing any of their own research are insane. Google can find all different opinions on anything, which is good, the only problem is many people wont look much further then one article, which for all we know could be the dodgy one. I, like the writer of the Article, place certain respectability on published journal articles and books, obviously I wouldn’t take the whole thing as truth and I would do my own research before I spouted off what I know. But with google there are sites that offer information up with none of the respectability or validity many people hope are in them



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