Have Your Say?

Of the many terms for Chinese medicine (Oriental Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine), which one do you feel is most relevant today in Australia?

And do you think Ayurveda is an effective tool for the analysis and diagnosis of a client?


In my opinion Chinese Medicine is how many people describe TCM in Australia. I don’t think it is that people forget that in China they practice the same medicine that is practiced all over the world, but I myself find that when I think of Chinese Medicine, it encompasses oriental medicine and TCM. Using the term Chinese Medicine is a lot more common in Australia, I don’t think that there is anything stoping people from using Traditional Chinese medicine as a term, but it is simply more easier to use CM to cover the whole spectrum of terms for Oriental medicine.


I think Ayurveda is an effective diagnosis tool, western medicine uses similar techniques to confirm a diagnosis. When I go to the doctors, they check my pulse, my pupils, tongue and face. It isn’t quite the same I admit, and there isn’t much in-depth focus on these. Ayurveda used along side Western Medicine would bring about a faster diagnosis and more specific.

It picks up something that medical practices today would skim over and just prescribe pills to block it from the surface where Ayurveda goes to the focus and fixes it rather than just putting a band aid over it. Many Doctors don’t ask about the more personal side of things, eg the environment you live and work in and don’t put that into the equation before deciding the diagnosis.
I went to a doctor with a headache about two months ago, before I had even sat down he decided I had a sinus infection, and after 10 minutes of me explaining that it wasn’t a sinus infection he refused to budge and prescribed antibiotics, I saw another doctor that afternoon, who after listening to me told me it was because it was a withdrawal of some medication I had stopped taking cold turkey. Its amazing how a bit of information can alter the diagnosis.



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