Summer Loving!

Summer Loving

Summertime for me is all about romance, gardening, sun surf and sand.

Summer Flings are my thing. see what I did there? Haha.
I love summer romances, fast and passionate… Don’t usually work out for my favor but I LIVE for the experience.

Can you blame me? The birds and the bees are out…. So are the mozzies

Late evenings spent in the garden, smells of barbecues fill the air as we walk home from a day at the beach from dawn to dusk.

Late night laugher always echoing as couples walk past just as in love with the feeling of summer as each other. Drunk giggles float off my balcony as yet another bottle of white wine is opened.

Late nights and early mornings.
Waking up before dawn at 4:30 to get up to Palm Beach to watch the sunrise is one of my best memories of summer. Endless cuddles on the sand as the sun rises.

The fresh breeze and the smell of salt… The taste of salt.
Road-trips and the sweet smell of flowers.

The brush of petals against your skin as you walk against the overgrown plants that grow over the unused path down the rock pool for midnight swims. Only the light of the moon to guide you over the large rocks that form a perfect live seat under the magestic stars.

Fishing trips with my dad and my little step brother. Evening picnics with extended family and friends at the gardens on the beach.

Salads made solely from the garden. My mummas strange obsession with eating flowers… Including the sage plant above


Summer and romance go hand in hand. People seem to disclose copious amounts of information about themselves, caught up in the moment.


Then comes the heartbreak as the new year comes in and everyone comes to their senses, the summer flings come to an end on the 5th of January. It’s the one date where the fling comes to an end.

The magic has worn off and it’s back to normal life until the next time summer comes around.


And next Summer I will meet another prince charming who will sweep me off my feet. There is always someone waiting each summer for you.



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