It’s Christmas and November

It’s Always Winter and Never Christmas… Lies
It’s alwaysa holiday seems more appropriate. Easter decorations and marketing start in February.Halloween decorations come on sale as soon as the first of July has had its glory.
And some how it’s Christmas again from November.

Walking the large shopping centers today it hit me more then the normal idea I have about this over commercialized holiday. It was a wonderful spirit, everyone was excited for the coming celebrations.
I felt all my rage about the shops taking advantage of children disappear as I walked through The Strand on George Street.


Today was my perfect Christmas motivator. It was cold and windy in the city, people were rugged up with bundles of shopping.


Christmas may be thought of in most countries as Winter and Snow Angles. But not here.
We have a Stinking Hot Summer to enjoy.

To me Christmas is:

Sea Food prawns, oysters and squid
The Beach Sand, Surf and half naked bodies.

Road Trips
Staying Up Late To Watch The Sunrise




And many afternoons spent slathering on alovera.


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