Motorcycle Drive By

Yesterday afternoon was quiet a surprise for me. The Darling boy picked me up… on his motorbike..

Let me say that was an interesting experience to say the least. .
On an hour long adventure from Church Point, up and through West Head.
I’ve never been on the back of one before. Let me tell you I shrieked like a child.
The darling boy’s only rule DON’T FUCK WITH PHYSICS
Later on I knew what he was trying to say. WHEN THE BIKE LEANS YOU LEAN! I was terrified at first but after about a minute I felt SO AT EASE.

I haven’t had that much fun or so long.
The bays around west head are full of beauty…. AND large fish.

While I was unimpressed by the $4 toll to get into the reserve.. I can see now it was worth it.
THE WIND! THE AIR, THE BREEZE. Truly an experience I’ll never regret.
While I’m having issues with the lack of exclusive or official relationship. That ride took all my anxiety away.



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