The Darling Boy

OkCupid found me a perfect match.
We have NOTHING in common. But some how it seems to be working.
He’s a heavy Christian… And well I have my own belief.
He loves Technology and well you know me, I can’t use it and I really dislike it.
He doesn’t like clubbing, I love it.
He is allergic to milk… I drink a liter or two a day(Cinammonandclouds is happy that I have given up dairy after months of nagging)
He hates dancing- I live for it.
He doesn’t like the beach/em>;I do!
Basically we have different tastes in EVERYTHING
I don’t know what it was that drew me to him.

He wore old sneakers the first time I met him… I was in love he is not slightly shallow in that regard.
He doesn’t care if I don’t brush my hair or I forget to shave. If I don’t wear makeup he has this goofy grin.

Only problem … We have only known each other for 39 hours.
This right now is the first time I have left his side.
It is moving fast but it doesn’t seem to bother me.
At first I stressed because I will always have a Blade Runner quote stuck in my head.

The brightest candle buns twice as fast

Short and Passionate?
I’ve been there … In fact this is the exact same time of year that I met the first boy I felt in love with. Now that was short and sweet-30 days of dating and 5 days of being official….
Let’s pray that this isn’t the same deal.
I think in hindsight it would have been an idea to take things slow…. But somehow it sped up to the point where I wanted nothing more than to spend forever with him. I JUST MET THE GUY. In this situation I think Love at first sight came in. while many people don’t believe in it- I don’t know I just haven’t felt like I have known someone for a lifetime.

I don’t know anything. My head is spinning but my feet are standing still.

They say that times a healer for past lovers but my watch has been stuck to january 5th. And now the hands are ticking after meeting him. I’ve been with other guys since then but this guy is just different. yeah Elysium you say that about every guy let’s pretend for just one minute that he is the ideal guy.



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