Moving Out

Ahh it’s a step towards independence and all that jazz right?
it’s a time to reflect on every piece of your life. After living in the same house since I was a child. Sleeping in the same room all my life.
It’s hard
It’s not what I anticipated
Its scary

I want to just throw everything away.
But too much memories are stuck with them.
My bedroom, hell my whole house is like a shrine to my 15 year old self. It is like a time lock stuck on the day I flew out for a year before my parents got divorced.
Nothing has changed. Only me.
It’s terrifying sitting wee surrounded by all these boxes. But good to know I am no longer tied to anyone. Packing was hard I made a pile for the garbage, the Church and myself. I threw out nothing in the end. All my belongings pulled into 18 moving boxes… 10 of them filled with my books. My life can be place in the back of a ute.
I can’t believe it.


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