Government? New South Wales What Are You Doing?

OK I recently got a chain email. You know me and my emails. I am like a crazy woman I love them.
This one really struck me, I am very interested in Farmers welfare. It is something that none of the people in the government look after. I pray that this changes by the time I am out on a farm.
Ok so here is the problem:

  • After years of control the dingo population, the Sheep Farmers needed a better solution since the old methods of and trapping the predators weren’t working for the ‘tree-huggers’ in the Labour Government *Cough Peter Garrett – Environmental Minister  (Former Midnight Oil Singer)*. Apparently the more ‘Humane’ solution that was proposed by the NSW Forestry Service and The Greens, was for the animals to be captured  alive and the males castrated and then let loose again.

Is it just me or is that kind of ridiculous? What are our government thinking??

Anyway thank god someone from the NSW Sheep Farmers Association told them whats what. Apparently one of them said

” Mr Garrett, son, I don’t think you understand our problem, – those dingo’s ain’t fucking our sheep,- they’re eatin’ ’em’.

If this is true I worry about our government  I can understand how a more humane approach can be wanted… but really?
When was the last time anyone looked after our Farmers?

Comment if you have anything to add, I want to know your opinions!


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