Comic Strip Of My Life!


I sometimes wonder how others see me when I am in a relationship. A few weeks ago my best friend sent me this as a joke when I asked her ‘How do you see me when I am in a relationship?’. After talking to someone I met on a bus about their relationship problems and how his past girlfriends had changed themselves to be with him.
One thing I know is that I don’t change my interests for anyone, I’ll expand and adapt  but never give up my own personality. Unfortunately I learnt that the hard way after loosing my own identity and interests in a relationship.  In the end it left me with a feeling of loss.

I couldn’t remember:

  • My own taste in music
  • If I liked to read books still
  • If the style of clothes I worse I actually liked
  • The last time I saw my best friends ( It had been 2 months)

Essentially I lost all my own interests. I felt I was half a person without him. Everything changed, I woke up and realized  Never Again would I let that happen. Since then I have been unyielding with my own identity, manipulating lovers to fit to my idea (Which is equally as bad!)

I admit I may have laughed like a crazy person when I saw this cartoon of what I had become but I guess its how I come off. All I can say is that at least in this cartoon I am represented as myself, clearly definable. (If anyone actually knows where this came from please let me know! I love it so much! :))

I never thought of myself as overprotective but apparently I have a vibe that is apparently not welcoming to females. Great. One thing I didn’t want to become when I was in a relationship was possessive. But I guess it happened regardless and I am going to have to keep an eye on it.
Send me a comment if you are in a similar situation 🙂


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