A New Begining

Hey guys! 🙂

I am on my first week of my new Degree in Natural Medicine. Let me tell you IT IS HARD WORK! I have been going from 8-4 since Monday I am so tired.. more importantly my right hand feels like nothing… I swear it went numb after the worst painful ache, But luckily I was prepared, a nice heat pack for my poor hand after all that writing.

It is unusual from me to be this passionate about educations. But I guess I just found my calling. One of the first questions I was asked for one of my modules struck me..

What makes you want to do this?

what do you want from this?

What will you do with this?

After reading some more questions about my inner self I decided I probably should try and answer them. I think I must have sat there for an hour just thinking before I knew how to say it.


Next thing I know I have 6 pages of scrawled handwriting with my answers. I barely recall writing them but it just came to me. Reading back over it, it made me think and pray that I remain like this. How I am now. Not stagnant and never learning, but with an attitude like this, so passionate and open. I do fear sometimes that it may escape me and I will loose my purpose.

But if I am so easy to loose it, then it wasn’t supposed to be for me.



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